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My friend announced her pregnancy at my daughter's funeral

Earlier this month, TikTok user Darly explained how her friend thought her daughter's funeral a few years ago would be an appropriate time to tell their mutual pals she was expecting.

In the first viral clip, the mum said: "Still thinking about how this 'friend announced her pregnancy at my daughter's funeral and recorded the whole thing despite my husband and I asking everyone not to."

Needless to say, Darly explained in a separate video that she cut the woman out of her life after she made the funeral all about her.

She continued: "Her daughter was due in August and the funeral was in January.

"She was barely two months pregnant and she was forcefully pushing her stomach out and rubbing it."

And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Darly claimed her former friend even started "fake gagging" to get attention from other guests.

She continued: "One of my friends was like, 'What? Are you trying to say something? Are you pregnant or something?'

"And she was like, 'Yeah I'm having a baby.' And I was like, 'wow you're going to do this now as I'm burying my daughter.'"

Darly - who now has a little boy - said she has cut the friend out of her lifeCredit: Tiktok/@findingdarly

What's more, the mum said in a separate video that she had previously always given her toxic friend the benefit of the doubt - but this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Describing the emotional toll it took on her, she continued: "And to address [the issue], we are not friends. I cut her off.

"During this time, I had just lost my daughter - she passed away on 12 January and on 13 January, I found out I was pregnant with my son.

"So this [was] all going on in such a short period of time."



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