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Mum’s anger after schoolgirls told using toilet is ‘a privilege not a right’

Holly Lodge Girls’ College in West Derby, Liverpool, has been stuck in a row with Rebecca Tregilgas for weeks (Picture: Liverpool City Council)

A mum says she ‘constantly worries’ about her daughters after a teacher said using the bathroom was ‘a privilege, not a right’.

Rebecca Tregilgas’ daughters told her Holly Lodge Girls’ College in West Derby, Liverpool, refuses to allow them to go to the toilet during lessons.

The 34-year-old mum claims the doors to the bathrooms are locked outside of lunch and break times.

She said: ‘Even people in prison have access to a toilet whenever they want it. These are schools – they aren’t prisons. They should have access to a toilet whenever they need it.’

But the school insists ‘students are not routinely denied access to a toilet during lessons’ and has launched an investigation into Rebecca’s youngest allegedly being told toilet access was a ‘privilege’.

Rebecca said she has been stuck in this row with the school for at least six weeks now.

She said: ‘The impression I’m getting from the school is that maybe a few kids are taking the mick, going to the toilet too many times during the day. But that’s only got to be a handful of kids throughout the school.

Pupils shake fences and chant in protest of closed toilet rule

‘They can’t punish the whole school for that. My impression is that they don’t care. They see me complaining as an inconvenience.

‘It’s been going on for ages now, and nothing changes at all. I work full time, I’m in work all day and I’m worrying constantly. I should be able to feel like my kids are OK at school.

‘If they’re sitting in discomfort, they’re not going to be able to focus in lessons, which will have a knock-on effect.

‘I worry they won’t be able to tend to themselves, and they will be embarrassed in front of everybody. It’s not fair on the kids to be punished for their own bodily functions in that way.’

Holly Lodge said: ‘Students are not routinely denied access to a toilet during lessons and this is managed by teachers from a safeguarding point of view. If a toilet were locked, staff will provide students with a key or a key code.

‘If a student has a medical condition which may mean they need to use the toilet more frequently, they would be provided with a toilet pass for which we would ask for evidence of a condition to be able to issue the pass.

‘We are currently investigating the claim that a member of staff used the phrase “a privilege, not a right”, but this is not school policy. All students at our school have access to toilets at any time during the school day and there are always a sufficient number of toilets available.’

Multiple schools have recently faced public backlash for their school policies, with some students ‘revolting’ so badly riot police had to be called.



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