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Mum of 3 set fire to her house hours after getting eviction notice

Jordaine Liddle, 25, set three different fires around her rented mid-terraced property (Picture: Cavendish)

A mother-of-three has been jailed for nearly four years after deliberately trying to burn down her own house.

Jordaine Liddle, 25, started three fires in the home after being served an eviction notice for failing to pay rent and letting the property fall into a poor condition.

She went to a friend’s house nearby while the flames tore through the house on May 6 as neighbours slept but returned 13 times.

A neighbour saw her erratic behaviour and asked if she had called 999. Liddle lied, telling them that she had contacted the fire brigade and that it was a friend’s house.

She told the neighbour that her friend may still be inside so they ran in to try and help.

Emergency crews eventually responded but Liddle gave them a false name and date of birth.

However, forensics experts determined that she used a lighter to set fire to a sofa, clothes maiden and a bedroom carpet.

She also tried to claim that a friend may have got into her house through a broken window to start the fire.

Liddle had been bailed from court just five days earlier for stealing and smashing a woman’s mobile phone.

Further inquiries revealed she was due to face trial after she drunkenly beat up a mother in front of her two-year-old son and tore out braids of her hair during a row over her using an ATM machine.

Prosecutor Peter Malone said: ‘The reasons for the termination notice were rent arrears, damage to property, rubbish being left in the gardens and the back and front of the property and not keeping it in a clean and sanitary condition.

‘There were reports of noise nuisance and smashed windows and she had failed to allow a neighbourhood officer to inspect the premises.’

Jordaine Liddle was served an eviction notice for non payment of rent (Picture: Jordaine Liddle/ Cavendish Press)

He told how a neighbour walking by saw Liddle outside the burning house and asked if she was alright, but she claimed it was her friend’s house and that her friend could be inside.

‘The defendant then said she had dialled 999 but she hadn’t.’

The neighbour called firefighters who observed Liddle outside behaving ‘erratically’ and claiming someone was inside.

The blaze was put out while police spoke to Liddle, who denied starting the fire and said a friend might have got into her house via a broken window.

Costs of the eventual damage caused to the house were not known but were thought to be ‘minor’.

Defending her Henry Blackshaw said: ‘She accepts she was behaving chaotically and stupidly but she now wants to keep herself fit and well to become a proper mother to her children.’

Recorder Peter Wright KC said: ‘You lied at the scene but it was obvious you were involved in the setting of that fire as you had a soot-blackened complexion.

‘This was a mid-terraced property occupied on both sides and it was obvious to anyone there was a risk of causing serious physical harm – even to someone as intoxicated as you.’

She showed no emotion as she was jailed for three years and 10 months at Manchester Crown Court.



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