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moment two Midlothian women force feed baby WINE as they’re allowed to walk free from court

This is the shocking moment a mum and her friend were seen allegedly force-feeding a baby wine - as the pair walk free from court.

The horrifying clip appears to show a tot in a high chair being fed from a wine bottle.

The tot's mum and her friend have now been spared jail - because there's no evidence the baby actually drank alcohol

The little one's head is pushed back as she drinks - before she is shown crying.

It comes as the mum and her pal this week appeared in the dock in connection with the incident in Scotland.

The accused, who cannot be named, admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by creating the video.

Child protection charges were dropped.

And a judge said he couldn't jail the pair, as there's no evidence the liquid in the bottle was alcoholic.

Sheriff Alistair Noble told the defendants: “Plainly you have pleaded guilty to a charge which is much different to the charge you originally faced.

“You have each pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening and abusive behaviour essentially involving the creation of a video appearing to show the child drinking alcohol.

"There is no suggestion it was, in fact, alcohol she was given to drink.”

The sheriff said the pair had admitted leaving members of the public “concerned and distressed by what they saw".

"That is the nature of the charge you have pleaded guilty to," he said.

And he said “custody wasn’t justified” for the offence.

The baby's mother, 26, was sentenced to to 21 months of supervision under a community payback order.

Her 24-year-old friend - who the court heard allegedly tried to give the little one the drink - was sentenced to 12 months of supervision.

The tot is now living with a relative, it was heard.

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