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Moment maskless woman spits at waitrose cashier and calling staff 'c****'after her card was declined

The woman then walks around the side of the checkout and spits at the cashier over a Covid screen.

This is the sickening moment a maskless woman spat at a Waitrose cashier while shouting 'you're dead' and calling staff 'c***s' after her card was declined.

The customer, dressed in black boots and a white coat, is seen angrily asking, 'I got f***ing money in my account, you're gonna decline me?'

The cashier tries to calm the woman down but she continues her tirade, which happened at a branch in Clapham Common, London at 9.40pm on Saturday.

A security guard can be heard calling the police in the background, while an older, female worker approaches the woman to get her out of the store.

The customer walks towards the exit where she kicks the products in the Christmas tree display.

She added: 'F***Ing Christmas trees, f***ing Christmas shit, f*** you, you p***y, f*** you.

'I've got money in my account, you gonna decline me you motherf***ing c****.'

A man who was standing outside the store steps in to help and manages to pull the woman outside.

The female staff worker comes over to put the Christmas display together again and says, 'How lovely... the great British Public'.

The cashier said the woman started swearing at him, before getting even angrier when he asked her to leave.

Waitrose told MailOnline: 'We are proud of the role that our Partners have played in keeping our customers supplied with food during this pandemic and their safety is our absolute priority.

'We're appalled that one of them was treated in this way by a customer and are giving them our support. We can also confirm that the police have been contacted.'

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