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Married At First Sight Australia bride cancelled wedding after groom diagnosed with incurable STI

Melissa Sheppard nearly appeared on an earlier season (Picture: Nine)

Married At First Sight Australia star Melissa Sheppard actually dropped out of an earlier season after finding out her match had an STI.

The reality star was cast in a previous season but decided to walk away after being told about the groom’s health issues just 10 days before their wedding.

‘When you start doing the auditions for being a part of the series, you go through tests and personality type tests and STD checks and health checks, which is great,’ she explained.

However, the tests brought to light something with her partner, and she had to be told.

‘Unfortunately, my partner’s test results had come back with a few things that weren’t right for him, which I felt so terrible for, and they had to make me aware of it,’ she said in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle.

Her match was diagnosed with an ‘incurable STD’, and while producers asked her to stay, she wasn’t comfortable carrying on with the wedding.

She added: ‘I think it’s the hardest thing when someone comes to you saying, “Hey, I’ve got this STD that’s not curable”. It’s not something that you can take a tablet and go away, it’s something that he has to manage for the rest of his life.

‘It’s not like you meet someone out and you have a chance to get to know them and go, “Hey, I really like you, I’ve got a disclaimer, I’ve got XYZ, I really want to be with you, blah, blah, blah”.

‘That’s not the version of the story. The version of the story is you’re meeting a stranger to sleep next to and build a relationship with that you know nothing about, but knowing there’s this big cloud over the top of your head.’

However, Melissa wanted to make sure she was making a decision she was ‘comfortable with’, and she walked away.

She said: ‘I just felt like I knew too much information and I just needed to make a health decision if that was something that I’d be comfortable with going forward, and unfortunately, I just had to pull the pin.

‘It just was something that I wasn’t comfortable with, knowing he could be the greatest guy.’

In the end, Melissa appeared on season 10 of MAFS Australia, getting paired up with Josh White but they decided to go their separate ways during the experiment.

Credit: metro


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