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Man who married 8 women looking for new wives after divorcing four

A man who hit headlines for marrying eight women revealed he's now divorcing four of his ladies.

Arthur O Urso often discusses his relationship with multiple females who he married in a ceremony in São Paulo, Brazil.

The influencer, 36, who tied the knot in a church, even had a sex rota with his special ladies to split time equally.

And since he previously said "it's not easy" to have a number of women, Arthur is now going through a divorce.

He recently celebrated his paper wedding anniversary but after the celebration, he and four wives ended things.

Now the Brazilian is only legally married to four women as he exclusively confirmed to Daily Star.

In 2021, Arthur held a symbolic ceremony at a Catholic church in Brazil to make the polyamorous relationship official.

At the time, nine women embarked on his adventure, but one wife gave up on the marriage a few months later.

The following year, Arthur moved to João Pessoa to begin construction of his "Mansion of Free Love".

He designed the house so he could live with his eight wives.

But at the time it wasn't well accepted with some of the locals as trolls graffitied "Devil's family. Go away."

Arthur said: "We were all worried, of course. Afraid at first, but we sat down and talked to understand the problem.

"We lived well, with some minor disagreements, but nothing unusual in the life of couples until then."

However, the concern for the neighbours ended up putting a strain on the relationship.



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