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Man fatally st**bed daughter's father-in-law in row over wedding gifts

Shocking footage shows the moment a knifeman tried to kick his way into a house before stabbing his daughter’s father-in-law to death in a row over wedding gifts.

Ahmad Al Sino, 43, confronted dentist Mohammed Salem Ibrahim, 55, on his own doorstep before stabbing him four times with a Gino D’Acampo kitchen knife.

Police yesterday released footage showing how they tracked Alsino across Birmingham and arrested him at gunpoint just 40 minutes after the murder.

Al Sino and Mr Ibrahim had fallen out after a family wedding, in an argument over gold jewellery given to their children as gifts.

Just before 1pm on March 13 this year Alsino stabbed Mr Ibrahim multiple times at his home in Castle Vale, Birmingham.

He also went on to slash his daughter’s husband Aram Ibrahim, who was left with serious injuries but survived the attack.

Emergency services rushed to the scene on Cadbury Drive but dad-of-five Mr Ibrahim could not be saved despite the efforts of medics.

Al Sino fled after the knife attack, but cops were behind him as he got out of his car after Mr Ibrahim’s family called 999.

Dramatic footage shows police tracking the vehicle’s movements across the city before he was arrested by armed officers outside his home in Northfield.

A search of the car found a plastic bag containing two knives, one was later found by forensic experts to have Mr Ibrahim’s blood on it.

Al Sino was previously found guilty of murder, attempted murder, and possession of a knife following a three-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

Last week he was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 26 years after being sentenced at the same court.

The court was told Al Sino had driven his pregnant daughter Lylan to the property where a bitter row broke out with her partner.

He had tried to kick the door down and when Mr Ibrahim came outside he was stabbed four times, with three wounds penetrating his chest.

Sentencing, Judge Simon Drew KC said ‘You took your pregnant daughter to Cadbury Drive to collect some of her belongings from the house where she was living with her husband Aram and the Ibrahim family.

‘When Lylan was in the house you waited by the car, angry and upset, but not seeking a confrontation.

‘When Mohammed Ibrahim came out of the house he invited you in. That served to inflame matters, your anger increased and you refused his invitation.

‘When Lylan subsequently phoned, claiming that she was being assaulted, you believed her and as a result you lost your temper and armed yourself with a knife.

‘You went to the door to force your way in in order to get her out but you failed to open it.

‘When the door was opened you saw Lylan, Mr Ibrahim and Aram in the front hallway.

‘You then launched an unprovoked attack upon Mr Ibrahim and Aram, at first with fists and then using the knife on both of them in a violent frenzy, stabbing each a number of times.

‘I am satisfied that you must have intended to kill Mohammed when you were stabbing him.

‘You knew that you had seriously injured two men but you offered them no assistance and left the scene failing to contact emergency services.

Credit: metro


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