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Man, 23, chopped off own penis with scissors after using cannabis

Medics said the penis was too damaged to save (Picture: Science Photo Library)

A man cut off his own penis as he suffered a psychotic episode after smoking cannabis, a new medical case study reveals.

The individual, 23, from Thailand, had used cannabis for two years before quitting his habit.

Three months later, he smoked two bongs (2g) of cannabis and experienced an erection two hours later, without sexual stimulation.

He reported feeling a severe persistent sharp pain in his penis, and said his glans looked dis

Believing he could stop the pain, he decided to trim the penile skin several times using scissors – but then completely amputated his penis.

Two hours after, the bleeding had not stopped and the man went to hospital.

Doctors believed the penis was too damaged to save and all the dead skin and flesh was removed.

The amputated part was contaminated with ants, while the remaining stump was 2 cm in length.

‘After admission and cannabis discontinuation, his delusion and hallucination subsided’, the report says.

The research, published by the Journal of Medical Case Reports, said cannabis-induced psychosis was diagnosed because symptoms began after cannabis use, without evidence of other substance abuse.

Lead author Nantanan Jengsuebsant, from the Department of Emergency Medicine, noted cannabis has been widely used around the world for medical and recreational purposes.

The man’s experience was a rare case, but cannabis does exhibits many adverse effects, including psychosis, the report added.

The research team concluded: ‘Cannabis-induced psychosis is an adverse effect of cannabis, which may lead to impaired judgement unexpected self-harm.’



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