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Love Island star Amber Gill says she 'couldn't put herself through being with a man again'

Amber Gill has declared that 'switching teams' was the best decision she has ever made as she insisted she could not 'go through it again' with a man.

The Love Island winner, 24, was commenting on the antics of the male contestants on this year's show after the girls were shipped off to Casa Amor.

Amber said that watching the men 'made her feel ill', after everyone but Luca Bish made moves on the new arrivals in the main villa.

In a series of tweets, Amber wrote: 'Switching teams was the best decision I made in my life.

'Watching men makes me feel ill. I couldn't put myself through it again.'

Amber also responded to a follower to replied to her saying: 'Me and my gf were saying just yesterday that we predict you'll end up settling down with a woman.'

The reality personality wrote: 'That's cute. Tell me why.'

The fan wrote: 'Because you seem to be very disenchanted by men these days, and we feel like a woman (the right woman) is more likely to appreciate you for all your complexities and inner fire.

'And treat you with the level of care/sensitivity that you deserve.'

Clearly touched by the message, Amber wrote: 'Now I'm crying.'

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