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Kyle Walker at centre of WAG feud with ex Lauryn Goodman branding his wife ‘Cruel vindictive & Nasty

A WAG war has erupted between the mothers of England footballer Kyle Walker’s kids — with his ex branding his wife “cruel, vindictive and nasty”.

Former partner Lauryn Goodman shared a photo of son Kairo, three, in a Man City shirt bearing his number 2 after the team’s treble triumph.

Wife Annie hit back with pictures of her with Kyle and their three boys on the pitch after the Champions League Final win over Inter Milan in Istanbul Credit: Xposure

The influencer, 32 — who fell pregnant with Kairo during a brief relationship with Kyle — wrote: “2023 what a special year, history made. I understand we have skipped a few chapters here…@kairowalker always supporting.

Wife Annie, 30, hit back with pictures of her with Kyle and their three boys — Riaan, Roman and Reign — on the pitch after the Champions League Final win over Inter Milan in Istanbul.

She captioned her photo: “3 is the magic number.”

Then said: “Winning the champions league with Your daddy. All these memories you get to have with your daddy.

“Nothing and no one will ever take that from you. We’ve got you 3.”

Last night furious Lauryn told The Sun on Sunday: “I have had enough of this nastiness, it has been going on too long.

“Kairo has done nothing wrong and Annie cannot eradicate him from existence. He is Kyle Walker’s son.

“He doesn’t just have three sons. Annie needs to accept that.

“You hear the phrase ‘Wicked Stepmother’ in fairytales but you don’t think this will happen in real life.

“Families come in all shapes and sizes these days, stepchildren, estranged children.

“It is the job of the parents to act like adults and do the best for them, that’s what I try to do.

“Annie, if you are reading this, just stop being so cruel to Kairo because our little boy has done nothing wrong and doesn’t deserve to have you so vindictively making digs at him and treating him like an outcast.

“When Annie got back with Kyle she knew I was pregnant.

“If she couldn’t handle the fact he was going to have another child she should never have got back with him.

“Annie needs to talk to someone if she still has issues over Kyle being Kairo’s dad, instead of being so venomous to our child. She is taking it out on Kairo instead of Kyle.

“You can’t sweep Kairo under the carpet, our son is not a dirty secret.”

After Annie posted her photo last ­Saturday, Lauryn’s backers showed their support.

One described Annie as “vile” and saying she “should know better”.

Lauryn also posted Kairo’s birth certificate.

Last night she said: “I shared the birth certificate because I am so sick of him being erased as Kyle’s son.

“I wanted to show it there, in black and white on the paperwork.

“I am not hugely proud of stooping to that level, but I have to defend our son however I can.

“There are more than three children who call Kyle daddy — our son does too.

“Annie seems to want to photoshop Kairo out of existence.

“Obviously I understand why she doesn’t want to actually talk about him, but there is no need for the digs.

“She is always writing that Kyle has three sons — but Kairo exists, that makes four sons.

“If she talked about ‘her’ children with Kyle, instead of giving a number, then I wouldn’t be speaking out. But I am sick of it.

“This week was the final straw. It was so nasty. Saying ‘Your daddy’. He is Kairo’s daddy too, he always will be, whether she likes it or not.

“None of Kyle’s children deserve this. If Annie hates me, then fine, but don’t hate our innocent son.”

Annie and £150,000-a-week Kyle, 33, have been together since they were teenagers.

But they split in 2019 after reality star Laura Brown revealed she’d romped with him in his £200,000 Bentley.

He moved out of the £3.5million family home in Cheshire and grew close to ex-Towie star Lauryn.

She fell pregnant and Kairo was born in April 2020.

Kyle and Annie then rekindled and got married in November 2021, after Kyle proposed to her with a £250,000 ring.

Lauryn, who is now pregnant with a daughter but has not revealed the name of the father, said: “The cruelty towards Kairo has gone on for years.

“During the World Cup I was getting sent Annie’s social media posts from people saying how shocking they were.

Annie first got together with Kyle when they were teenagers Credit: Xposure

“In one she posted a picture of Kyle and her three boys saying, ‘Daddy’s three lions’. But people were defending Kairo saying, ‘He has more than three’.

“I let it slide, I thought, ‘Whatever, just leave it’. But this latest attack is beyond ridiculous.”

Lauryn, who lives in Hove, East Sussex, calls Kairo her “little miracle”.

She believed she’d never be able to conceive naturally because she suffers from endometriosis and polycystic ovaries.

She said: “I will do all I can to make him feel secure and loved.

“Kairo knows who his daddy is and he knows that he won last week. I didn’t let her dampen our celebrations at home.

“I want Kairo to be proud of who his daddy is. I don’t want him to be abused over it.

“Annie needs to stop being so nasty and cruel to her husband’s son.”

Kyle was blasted earlier this year after CCTV footage showed him exposing himself at a bar.

He was quizzed for indecent exposure but later dealt with for being drunk and disorderly and given an out-of-court disposal which does not form a part of a criminal record.

He spent last week celebrating City’s treble win before joining the England squad for this weekend’s Euro 2024 qualifiers.

Lauryn admitted she was pleased with how Kyle spoke about his family after the Champions League win.

Pundit Rio Ferdinand discussed how Kyle’s eldest kids were on the pitch and old enough to soak up the atmosphere.

Lauryn said: “But instead of even mentioning his children, Kyle deflected the conversation to the fact his mum and dad were in the stand and how grateful he was to them. I respect Kyle for that.”

Ex Lauryn Goodman posted a picture of son Kairo in a Man City shirt after the team's treble triumph Credit: Splash News

Credit: thesun


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