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Killer lawyer sobs pathetically as he faces clients, family and friends he stole millions from

Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to 27 years in prison for two dozen state financial crimes (Pictures: AP)

A disgraced lawyer already convicted of killing his wife and son wept in court as he faced clients, family and friends he stole millions of dollars from.

Before being sentenced to 27 years in prison for white collar crimes including money laundering, embezzlement and forgery, Alex Murdaugh addressed his victims.

‘Each of you that spoke, I listened to you, I heard you. Your pain and your hurt is palpable. I promise you it resonates with me. I get it. I hope time will come you can look back and know that I care about each and everyone of you,’ said Murdaugh while sobbing in Beaufort County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon.

While speaking to one of the victims, his friend Jordan Jinks, Murdaugh again denied that he killed his wife Maggie and younger son Paul at their family hunting estate in 2021.

‘I would never hurt Maggie and I would never hurt Paul and it is important to me that you know that,’ he said.

Murdaugh, 55, continued: ‘I deceived each of you. I’m not proud of it. I did terrible things. I do care about each of you. I do have special recollections of my interactions with every one of you outside of the terrible things I did.’ 

He pleaded guilty to 101 counts of financial crimes earlier this month in a deal that Creighton Waters of the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office said would put him ‘in state prison for a very long time’.

Prosecutors pushed for a 27-year sentence that would be independent of the two life sentences without parole that Murdaugh has been serving.

‘I just want you to know that we are very satisfied that this is a very, very strong sentence that has been agreed to by the parties,’ said lawyer Eric ‘EB’ Bland, who is representing some of Murdaugh’s victims.

‘It sends a clarion bell signal to not only attorneys, but to anybody who wants to victimize the vulnerable.’

Waters called the 27-year sentence ‘unique and unprecedented’ and said it is the harshest sentence for any white collar crime in South Carolina and the entire country.

‘It represents a singular accountability for white collar criminals,’ he said.

Victim Tony Satterfield addresses the court during Alex Murdaugh’s sentencing for stealing from 18 clients (Picture: AP)

Alex Murdaugh (second from right) was convicted of killing his wife Maggie Murdaugh (second from left), 52, and their younger son Paul Murdaugh, 22 (left) (Picture: Facebook)

Credit: metro

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