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Kidnapped victim had boiling water poured over genitals during 12 hours of brutal torture

The 30-year-old victim was taken from outside his home and bundled into the back of a car before being tortured for twelve hours, finally escaping his captors Llewllyn Campbell and John Robertson

A man was kidnapped and tortured for twelve hours as crooks poured boiling water poured boiling water on his genitals and fed him what they said was rat poison.

Llewllyn Campbell, 26, and John Robertson, 23, grabbed the 30-year-old victim from outside his own home in Blackley, Manchester, and bundled him into the back of a car.

Campbell pleaded guilty to kidnap and was found guilty of false imprisonment ( Image: GMP)

He was taken to the home of drug addict mum Jennifer Baker and during his ordeal he was bound and gagged, had boiling water poured over his genitals and was forced to swallow tablets which he was told contained rat poison.

He was also warned he would be 'gravely injured, if not killed' if he did not hand over a large amount of cash, Manchester Evening News reported.

The victim was tied to a chair, with his hands bound with cord and his feet tied together with rope. A sock was forced into his mouth and fixed in place with Sellotape.

John Robertson was sentenced to 18 months ( Image: GMP)

He was told he was going to be injected with heroin, and have a roll of cling film forced into his bottom after his trousers had been pulled down.

He was also forced to swallow tablets which he was told contained rat poison. Tests later showed they were actually an antidepressant. Later, he was taken to an upstairs bedroom and 'in panic' he urinated.

He was put in a wardrobe but was able to bite through his ties and after 12 hours was able to escape his captors.

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