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Kerry Katona, 42, is absolutely laughing all the way to the bank as she reveals OnlyFans income

Kerry Katona has shared how much money she’s made since starting OnlyFans (Picture: Matt Haycox Show/ Kerry Katona / Instagram

Kerry Katona is making a jaw-dropping amount of money since setting up an OnlyFans account.

The former Atomic Kitten musician and TV star set up a profile on the racy modeling site three years ago and is now properly cashing in.

While the mum-of-five has said before that she’s doing well since starting OnlyFans, she hasn’t said exactly how much she’s making – but decided to set the record straight when it was put to her directly.

Appearing on The Matt Haycox Show, Kerry was asked if reports were true that she was making ‘half a million a month’ from subscribers.

‘No, not half a million quid a month. I wish I was,’ she laughed.

It’s not far off however, as she revealed she made £170,000 in her first month, and has since racked up millions.

‘I’m going into the millions now. That’s what I’m up to … in three years, so I’m doing alright.’

The star had a difficult childhood and grew up in poverty as well as spending time in care, and recalled getting clothes from a car boot sale and stealing with her mum to survive.

She remembered one Christmas where she had ‘ just got moved from a refuge into a new house, and it was Christmas morning, and we had no decorations, and the people from the refuge knocked on Christmas morning with a bin bag of second-hand stuff,’ including food to eat, leaving her ‘eternally grateful’.

As an adult, Kerry found fame and fortune through music and TV, but lost it several times, eventually becoming bankrupt – but thanks to OnlyFans has ‘become a millionaire again’.

She recently shared that, before joining OnlyFans during lockdown, she was so ‘skint’ she was forced to sell her wedding presents from her marriage to Westlife’s Brian McFadden.

After finding herself struggling to pay rent, she decided to join the racy site – or in her words, thought: ‘Do you know what, let’s get my t**s out.’

She told The Sun it was ‘the best thing I ever did.’

‘I came to the conclusion that God had given me two amazing assets in my boobs and I had better use them.’

Credit: metro


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