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Katie Price hauled back to court over £3.2m debt and could lose her Mucky Mansion

Katie Price could be ordered to flog her Mucky Mansion this week, The Sun Online reported..

The former glamour model has been told to lay bare her finances in front of a judge this Thursday.

Katie, 45, will be asked to give evidence at the bankruptcy hearing in London, court officials have disclosed.

The bankrupt star paid £1.3m for the home nine years ago. It is now worth more than £2m and her creditors – including two lenders against the house - want their cash back.

Trustees handling her bankruptcy have the power to sell Katie's Mucky Mansion to meet her debts if they see fit.

Legal notices placed on the home prevent her from selling the Sussex pad herself.

Katie must now present a case to the court to either reveal how she intends to settle her £2.3m debts, or prove that she needs the home as it is vital to her work.

She shoots much of her OnlyFans content from the sprawling pad and used it for her Channel 4 reality series, Katie Price's Mucky Mansion, off the back of it.

During a short hearing at a specialist insolvency and companies court in London earlier this year - where Katie did not appear and was not represented - the court was told public examination over her finances had previously been adjourned.

However, trustees sought a re-listing of the questioning after she breached a payment agreement, barrister Darragh Connell said.

"We are now at the stage where this matter needs to be expeditiously dealt with," Mr Connell told the court.

Judge Paul Greenwood said the hearing where she will be questioned over her finances would be listed for the first available date after July 21.

Judge Greenwood said that "it seems right, indeed inevitable" to list the one-day examination "as soon as the court can accommodate".

And the Insolvency and Companies Court clerk told The Sun: “The next hearing date in the above matter is 14 September 2023.”

During a recent TikTok live, Katie answered questions from her followers and didn't hold back when it came to money and her infamous Mucky Mansion.

Katie quipped: "I live in my own £2.2m house, I own it, nobody can ever take it away from me. I wouldn't call that broke, would you?"

And Katie later addressed the subject again, insisting: "I'm not poor actually, totally the opposite, but thank you."

In January, Katie also claimed being declared bankrupt was "not the end of the world".

She said: "Anyone who is out there in a bankruptcy, it's not the end of the world.

"Lots of people go into bankruptcies, and I think it's quite good that I am in a bankruptcy, it's made me re-value things.

"Everything in my life is now in place, never be embarrassed about being in a bankruptcy."

Credit: thesun


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