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Katie Hopkins deported from Australia after bragging about breaking quarantine rules

Katie Hopkins has made a parting shot at Australian authorities, telling them they 'cannot silence the truth' after she was deported for 'joking' about breaching quarantine rules.

The former Apprentice star, 46, was today deported from Australia after mocking hotel quarantine rules and calling Covid lockdowns the 'greatest hoax in human history.'

But in a huge backlash from Australians, the commentator had her 'critical skills' visa torn up by the federal government and was handed a $1,000 (£536) fine for answering the door of her room in quarantine naked and without a face mask in violation of quarantine rules.

Before she boarded a Singapore Airlines flight from Sydney at 3pm, Hopkins told supporters: 'See you in the morning, my lovelies.

'You may "deport" the Hopkins, but you cannot silence the truth. We will fight to TAKE BACK our freedoms.'

Hours earlier she'd been deported from Australia after 'joking' about breaching hotel quarantine rules and calling Covid lockdowns the 'greatest hoax in human history.'

Australia has enforced strict border closures since the start of the pandemic, with tickets into the country rationed and all arrivals forced to undergo mandatory 14-day quarantine in their city of arrival along with repeat testing before being allowed in.

Sydney and Victoria state are also in lockdown with 25 million Australians under stay-at-home orders in response to outbreaks of the highly-infectious Delta strain.

Victoria extend its lockdown beyond the initial Tuesday end date and NSW will be shut down until at least July 30.

It is not clear when exactly Victoria will be allowed to resume normal life, with a further announcement due tomorrow.

Hopkins had flown in to Australia last week and was placed into 14-day isolation in Sydney ahead of an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

But during her stay in a hotel room, she shared an Instagram Live video in which she joked about deliberately breaking Covid rules by opening her door naked and mask-free to the workers who deliver her food.

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