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‘Karen’ hurls puppy at black man in street 'racist' attack

A disturbed “Karen” tossed a helpless puppy at a black man — who then apparently adopted the battered dog, video shows.

The bizarre footage, posted Friday to Instagram, shows an unidentified white woman arguing with a black man in the middle of a California intersection while she’s holding a Belgian Malinois puppy.

“What’d you just say?” the man asks the woman.

“I said you’re black,” she replies.

“So what?” the man shoots back.

“Exactly,” she replies before spitting into the street, video shows.

“So what if I’m f–king black — what’s up?” the man asks.

“So what if I’m f–king white,” the woman replies while walking toward the man.

“I didn’t say nothing about race, you racist b—h!” the man fires back. “You’re the one bringing up f–king race.”

Following more puzzling back-and-forth, the woman appears to kick the man in the shin before he turns his attention to the puppy she is cradling.

The man asks the woman if the pooch is hers, prompting her to unexpectedly throw the clearly distressed animal at him, video shows.

“What the f–k!” the man says while petting the yelping puppy at his feet. “Come here.”

He then turns his ire back toward the unidentified woman.

“Get the f–k out of here, you dumb b—h!” he says. “Whoa, back up — this is not your f–king dog. This is not your dog no more. I got video of everything. Yeah, get the f–k out of here. You’re going to jail, b–h.”

The woman then claims she has a “mental health record” while accusing the man of stealing the animal. The pooch, meanwhile, later appeared on the man’s Instagram feed in good spirits with a fresh name: Movie.

“This has gotta be the best thing I’ve seen from 2020,” one reply read.

The original video showing the woman’s meltdown had garnered more than 2.3 million views as of Monday.

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My view: Her behaviour is sickening and repugnant, the woman needs help.


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