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Kanye West’s ‘wife’ Bianca Censori goes topless in Italy with only cushion covering her breasts

Kanye West and Bianca Censori are clearly trying to outdo themselves in the fashion stakes (Picture: @arkangel, Instagram)

Kanye West’s ‘wife’ Bianca Censori has truly pushed the fashion boundary after stepping out in public in Italy with a cushion used to cover her breasts.

The couple, who reportedly married in an unofficial ceremony in January, were already skating on thin ice after angering Italian locals with their antics this summer.

Police in Venice are said to be investigating after photos emerged of Kanye, 46, with his trousers down and bum exposed on a boat with Bianca, 28, crouched down in between his legs. Critics have also called for their arrest with Kanye repeatedly walking around the streets barefoot and Bianca exposing her nipples in sheer outfits, all in the name of fashion.

However, they may have gone a step too far after Yeezy architect Bianca was seen out in public looking as though she were naked. The Australian designer was pictured exiting their hotel in Florence clutching a purple cushion against her chest with some sort of thin material fashioned into a bra and a pair of flesh-coloured leggings giving the appearance of nudity.

According to the Mail Online who obtained the photos, Bianca and Kanye headed to designer clothing store Marni for some retail therapy before enjoying dinner together. An eyewitness at the restaurant said that Bianca kept the cushion tightly against her breasts throughout the meal.

Kanye himself wore all black and kept his face partially hidden with a scarf wrapped around his head. He also opted for no shoes again and wore a pair of socks instead.

It appears the cushion may have come from the Royal Suite della Gherardesca, which is a palazzo located within the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze in Florence, as the couple stayed there recently. It’s not known if Kanye and Bianca had permission to remove the cushion from the luxurious 15th-century suite.

In recent weeks, fans have pointed out the drastic change in Bianca’s appearance as, before dating Kanye, she typically wore athleisure and sexy outfits worn by many other women her age. She was also a natural brunette but has now chopped off her hair into a dyed blonde pixie cut.

The couple have whipped up quite a storm during their time in Italy.

In August, Kanye and Bianca were seen enjoying a private boat ride in Venice but the Gold Digger rapper had his trousers down, exposing his bum to photographers who snapped the shocking moment. Bianca was seen in between in legs with Kanye placing her hand behind her head prompting many to speculate over the compromising position.

The rental boat company made it clear they did not condone the couple’s antics and announced they were banned from using their services.

Venice Police sources then claimed the incident was being investigated, while a local councillor condemned the pair and an insider close to the city’s mayor suggested they could face a fine.

It’s since been claimed that Bianca’s friends and family have grown ‘extremely concerned’ about her and have accused Kanye of ‘blockading’ her from them.

Kanye and Bianca were staying at the very grand and luxurious Royal Suite della Gherardesca (Picture: Instagram/the_alex_travel)

Credit: metro


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