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Jose Mourinho should face SIX games ban for X-rated tirade at ref Anthony Taylor (video)

JOSE MOURINHO’S X-rated attack on Anthony Taylor in the Budapest car park was indefensible.

The post-match actions from Roma boss Mourinho by following Prem ref Taylor and other match officials were out of order, but the volley of abuse was even worse.

I have never seen that sort of appalling behaviour from a manager towards an official.

As much as football people like Mourinho, you cannot chase officials after a match.

I can not understand what he was thinking. Where is the respect in questioning Taylor’s integrity by calling him Spanish in his post-match press conference?

What message do his words and actions send to everyone watching around the world?

Mourinho was emotional and frustrated and looking for someone to blame for Roma not winning the Europa League but he crossed the line here.

He tried to make Taylor the scapegoat for the loss to Sevilla but everyone watching knew it was not Taylor or any of his fellow officials’ fault.

Roma missed chances and then penalties — that is not the fault of the officials.

A VAR review even helped Mourinho’s men to overturn a penalty decision after Lucas Ocampos deceived Taylor with simulation.

Refs, like players, try to perform at the best of their ability and Taylor’s display was admirable under extreme pressure.

In fact, I was proud of his performance because Wednesday’s final was evil and a no-win situation for the officials.

Fourth official Michael Oliver had an impossible job due to the level of protests and appeals from both sides during an ugly 120 minutes.

It reminded me of a Sunday league football match and the technical area became unmanageable. Both sides lost discipline and there were 16 yellow cards but the punishments were all deserved.

I felt for Taylor — what else could he do? His only other course of action would have been to show several red cards.

I refereed some tough matches such as Leeds and Millwall in a League One play-off semi-final second leg at Elland Road in 2009.

I cautioned nine players but the challenges warranted the yellow cards and nobody chased me after the match.

Uefa needs to take the strongest action and Mourinho as well as Roma and Sevilla should now be charged for their appalling conduct and failing to control their players.

Fines and touchline bans are not a deterrent, so I hope Europe’s governing body acts.

The level of abuse towards officials is evident in Europe and in English football and points deductions are the only answer.

The FA revealed this week they are bringing this punishment into grassroots football but it should start at the top.

I would deduct Sevilla and Roma three points from their next European campaigns with another three suspended for the rest of the group stage.

And I would also ban Mourinho — wherever he goes — for six games because of his unacceptable conduct.

Abuse to officials keeps happening so I think this level of punishment is the only way to sort it out.

Credit: thesun

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