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Iowa woman posts video of ‘obscene’ Santa display after her husband forgot to zip-tie the hand

An Iowa woman's husband is on the naughty list - and so was their Santa Claus display.

TikTok user Amber Ann Zink recently posted a video of her 'obscene' Santa Claus light display on the roof of their home after her husband apparently forgot to tie Saint Nick's hand up so it would be waving.

'My husband forgot to zip-tie Santa's hand up to WAVE,' Amber writes on the clip, which has gone viral with more than 5.5 million likes.

'And now it's obscene.'

TikTok users went to town on the gaffe, which Fink titled 'Just a tiny mistake.'

Her husband is seen re-jigging Santa's hand on their light display atop the roof after Amber's video went viral

'Naughty list this year eh,' user Duolingo - the language-learning app - replied.

One of Zink's neighbors, Nicole Burdess, commented: 'Neighbor here. This is absolutely obscene. The overspray is nearly reaching my front yard!' (Zink confirmed that Burdess is, in fact, 'actually' her neighbor.)

'He only comes once a year... leave him alone,' user cm2036 wrote in a comment that has been 'liked' more than 706,000 times.

Many users commented on Zink's song choice to accompany the clip, which was Maria Carey's famous version of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.

'And you picked THAT song,' Benji Varnum wrote.

'The perfect song choice,' user Gabrielle Williams said.

'Santa Claus is coming,' Bree simply wrote, emphasizing the latter using sparkle emojis.

Durex Canada even got in on the fun, writing: 'Looks like the only one wrapping his package this year is me.'