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I’ve slept with over 16k people – my fiancé still loves me and we can’t wait to get married

A former sex worker has opened up about her harrowing past in the industry, which she worked in for 20 years.

TikTok user @trashley_anonymous, who goes by Ashley Clark Huffman, has been uploading videos about her experiences for months, with many of her uploads going viral.

Ashley Clark Huffman has opened up about her past as a sex worker

While her stories serve as a warning for others considering entering the industry, she's revealed that her life has drastically changed and she's now engaged.

In a recent video, she revealed that due to two decades in the business she has slept with more than 16k people.

While that may be a deterrent for some, Ashley is happily engaged to a woman and the pair of them are looking forward to marriage.

Ashley is open about her past with her fiancé as well as her TikTok audience. She regularly uploads videos lifting the lid on the sex industry, sharing the realities of her job, never glamorising her past.

She has detailed the trauma she faced during her two decades in the profession in order to better advise anyone interested in starting their own career in sex work.

In one of her most popular uploads, she broke down the "long term effects" of her time in the sex industry.

She says PTSD, night terrors, a decreased sex drive, and difficulty with affection are some of the issues she has dealt with because of her job.

Ashley's past struggles don't end there, as she dealt with homelessness and addiction and has detailed times that she was "kidnapped and beaten".

The TikToker has also shared some of her biggest regrets from her time as a sex worker, such as breaking up "happy marriages", "disrespecting my body" and "lack of self-respect".

Ashley has said that this is all in her past, as she's no longer working as a sex worker and is no longer an addict.

She is aware of her mistakes and has said she has worked hard over the years to change herself for the better.

Her videos have divided audiences, with some praising her for her honesty and others shaming her for her past decisions.

Thankfully the main response from viewers tends to be positive, with many offering her love and support.

"You're amazing, I love you," one person commented on a recent upload.

"I'm so proud of you," said another.

Ashley said she suffers from PTSD and night terrors

She also has a low sex drive thanks to 20 years as a sex worker

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She has never glamorised her pastCredit: @trashley_anonymous1/Tiktok

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