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I’m 50 and flaunt my bum in thong bikini like Love Islanders (photos)


Thong bikinis make sense and women, whatever their age, should embrace them.

While this pack of Love Islanders might be flaunting their bums, it’s nothing new – I was wearing thong bikinis in the late Eighties and I wouldn’t say no to wearing one now.

My derriere became ­famous on I’m A Celeb in 2004.

I was 31 and proud to show off my size 8 figure and perfectly round bottom in a thong bikini. I’d worked hard on it, so why not?

Shortly after the show I ended up winning Rear Of The Year. I loved my bottom and it seemed everyone else did too.

Now I’m 50 and still ­flaunting it.

Thongs work with your shape and don’t cut into your bum like other bikinis do.

People may think bikini thongs are trashy and leave nothing to the imagination but it’s not anyone else’s ­business.

It feels like we live in such a nanny state society now.

Years ago when I was with George on holiday, I used to wear a thong with a costume over the top.

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