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‘Hurt’ Prince William ‘blanks Harry from his mind’ & has ‘no intention’ of healing rift

Prince William has “no intention” of healing his rift with his brother Prince Harry and is likely to snub him on his 39th birthday today, a royal commentator has claimed.

According to Jennie Bond, the Prince of Wales is “hurt so deeply” that it’s unlikely he will publicly or privately send his best wishes to Harry.

However, she predicts that King Charles will hold out an olive branch by messaging his son, because “it would be very odd if he didn’t.”

Jennie told Fabulous: “There is no way back for the brothers. I just can’t see it.

"Because of these entrenched positions and the fact Harry has visited the UK without either of them, as far as we know, lifting a finger to phone or text or meet up, I really can’t see them mending the rift any time soon.

“William is hurt so deeply that I think he probably just blanks Harry out of his mind most of the time. He has moved on with his life, and I guess so has Harry.

“The King, however, surely has to message his son on his birthday - either a text message or public message on Instagram - and if there isn’t, well, then I think that’s really going to speak volumes about the depths of their rift.”

Harry will spend his birthday with his wife Meghan in Dusseldorf where the couple are currently hosting the Invictus Games, an annual multisport event for injured or wounded servicemen and women, founded by the prince in 2014.

“I don’t think Harry would be expecting a message or a fanfare on his birthday anyway. It would probably be more of a shock if he did,” Jennie continues.

“I think William and Harry are very much done with each other for now. But that’s not to say Harry won’t be feeling hurt.

“Family is very important to him, and though he isn’t really showing that with the things he has said and done, deep down he will be feeling upset. He’s a very, very fragile and troubled individual.

“There’s a point in his book where he talks about the Queen’s funeral and how he looked at his father and brother and remembered all of the times the family came together - The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, his own wedding - and then he spoke of the ‘ordinary times’ like Easter services, Christmas and he says he then wipes away a tear.

"For me, that is proof beyond doubt that family does matter to him and that he does miss that family communion.”

And despite moving to the States to start a new life with Meghan, 42, and their young children Prince Archie, four, and Princess Lilibet, two, Jennie says Harry is likely to still miss the UK.

He has moved on with his life, and I guess so has Harry

Jennie Bond

She says: “Family aside, there was a real affection for Harry once. He was so popular among the British people and he enjoyed that in some ways.

"He was born into something he feels he was never truly suited for, but there was once a feeling of acceptance of him from the public.

“He will also be missing his friends. He has lost all of his childhood and school friends he had. I guess it’s like a divorce, people took sides and many of them chose William over Harry and that is deeply upsetting.

“I’m sure life in America offers him things that he felt he couldn’t have here, and most importantly for him, it gives him freedom. I just hope Harry is as happy and free as he says he is.”

It has been a very busy week for the Royal Family who have returned to work following their summer break.

The Princess of Wales was met with a rapturous applause and wolf-whistles as she joined rugby's Bill Beaumont at England's first World Cup match on Saturday.

On Tuesday, Kate revealed a painful-looking hand injury on a visit to HMP High Down in Surrey. It was revealed that she had injured her fingers while trampolining with her children.

The pair were seen joining in a Mexican wave, meeting and greeting competitors and handing out medals to winning athletes.

Credit: thesun


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