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Homeless man ‘freezes to death in car’ as temperatures fall to -12C overnight

More freezing temperatures are set to come today (Picture: Andrew McCaren/LNP)

A homeless man is believed to have frozen to death in Nottinghamshire as temperatures plummet across the country and heavy snow blocks off some areas.

The man is said to have been living in his car in a region that was hit by -10C temperatures overnight.

Police have declared a major incident in Cumbria due to the dangerous impact heavy snowfall is having on the roads.

People have been warned not to travel in the north west while hundreds of vehicles have been stranded on the M6 and major A-roads amid a rare Met Office amber weather warning for snow which is causing chaos in the UK.

Four Met Office weather alerts have been issued across the country, including a yellow warning for snow and ice affecting Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Hull.

A yellow warning for ice also covers the south-west of Scotland and north-east of England, including an area that was issued with an amber warning for much of yesterday.

Further warnings for the east of Scotland and north of England will come into effect at 5pm.

Snow has already swept across England, Wales and Scotland this week and many will be checking to see if they’re eligible for cold weather payments.

Last night was the coldest night in the UK since last winter, the Met Office has said, with a shivery low of -12.5C in the Highlands.

That was recorded in the small hamlet of Altnaharra, right up in the far north of Scotland.

But most of the focus has been on Cumbria, which was hit with a massive amount of snow yesterday.

How massive? Tom Morgan, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said ‘comfortably in excess of 20cm, probably in excess of 30cm, of snow’ fell on parts of the Lake District.

Speaking to the PA news agency, he said: ‘It was quite an unusual situation that led to it because it became slow moving and gave the same areas of south Cumbria hour after hour of heavy snow and that’s what led to the significant disruption there.’

The weather will be turning milder this week, he added, ‘so there is an end in sight to the wintry weather’. England has recorded its coldest start to December in 100 years, according to a weather expert.

The Met Office’s Hadley Centre has released figures showing the average temperature in Central England for the first couple of days in the month was -1C.

Sharing the stats on X, formerly Twitter, Dave Throup wrote: ‘An exceptionally cold start to December in Central England. ‘Coldest for over 100 years. Suspect it won’t last.’ But is there any likelihood of it happening soon?

Well, if you live in London, you’re probably not going to like the answer.

For the next week at least – according to the Met Office – it’s a no. And the reason for that is… there’s going to be quite a lot of rain.

Temperatures are getting a little milder (though still chilly) in the south-east, hovering around 6C for the next few days.

In the Met Office forecasts for London between today and Thursday, the phrase ‘outbreaks of rain’ appears every single day.

Looking further into the month, the agency says: ‘Temperatures are most likely to be near or above average overall, especially in the south and west.’

So it’s not been ruled out entirely, and all London needs is a single particularly chilly day for a beautiful dusting – but we may not see one very soon.

Well, the best advice is to keep dreaming and cross your fingers until we get a bit closer to the big day – there’s really no way of knowing this early on.

Naturally, this hasn’t stopped betting giant Ladbrokes from jotting down a few numbers to get people excited. It also has the odds of snow to fall in the UK capital at 8/1.

The odds are shorter for Christmas snow further north, with Newcastle at 2/1 and Edinburgh at 6/4.

But again, Ladbrokes are not weather forecasters. Actual weather forecasters are shrugging their shoulders and asking you to come back in a few weeks.

The Met Office long-range forecast for December 11th to 25th says: ‘Temperatures are most likely to be near or above average overall, although this doesn’t rule out some spells of cold weather and associated wintry hazards.’

Check out our full article here. Not the pleasant white December that people in the south-west might be hoping for – a weather warning’s been issued, but it isn’t for snow.

The yellow warning for rain will come into effect at midnight and last all the way through until 6pm tomorrow.

Among the cities covered by the warning are Cardiff, Portsmouth, Brighton and Bath, with the Met Office warning that ‘some disruption to travel’ is likely.

Forecasters say they expect 20mm-30mm (0.8in-1.2in) of rain to fall widely, with a few places seeing as much as 60mm (2.4in). Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) has been spending the night rescuing drivers and passengers who became trapped in their cars by heavy snow.

It was part of the multi-agency response to the major incident declared yesterday by the local police force.

In a social media post this morning, it said: ‘CFRS have been working through the night rescuing people from their cars trapped in deep snow.

‘Please do not travel unless necessary as many roads are still affected with snow and ice.’

Superintendent Andy Wilkinson of Cumbria Police said last night the snow had ‘ended up being much more significant than forecast’ – and added that some rescuers had been verbally abused.

He said: ‘We are aware of a number of incidents in which highway teams and those assisting in the efforts to support those affected by the snow have been verbally abused.

‘We understand people’s frustration during this time; however, agencies are working hard to improve the situation in Cumbria and are also facing the challenging road conditions when responding.’ Ice can be particularly tough on exposed paws, and the danger of slips and falls is always present.

We’ve weighed up the risks and benefits for you in this article, so have a look if you’re struggling with the decision.

The long and short of it is: Yes, take your dog out, but it’s a good idea to keep them on a lead and you might want to put a wee coat on them too.

And keep away from slush – that can contain antifreeze, which is very dangerous for your pet to eat. More than 2,500 people have had their electricity cut off in Cumbria following heavy snow this weekend.

Electricity North West said most of the 2,508 homes will have their supply restored at 10pm today.

Among the households affected are 256 in Lowick, South Lakeland.

In a post on social media, the supplier said: ‘Access is difficult and our teams are using 4x4s to try to reach sections of the damaged network.’ The passengers of a double-decker bus also had to leave due to the significant drifts (Picture: Asadour Guzelian) Another two yellow warnings relating to the cold weather have been issued by the Met Office.

Much of northern England and central Wales will be covered by an ice warning between 5pm today and 12pm tomorrow, leading to ‘difficult travel conditions’.

Eastern Scotland has also been issued with a warning for snow and ice over the same time period.

The weather agency said: ‘Wintry showers, with snow on hills, falling onto frozen surfaces may lead to some disruption to transport and infrastructure.’

Credit: metro

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