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Heroes jump into fountain to ‘save woman being drowned by man

The pair initially seemed to be relaxing in the water fountain in Valencia, Spain before things escalated (Picture: CEN)

A man is facing murder charges after shocking footage appears to show him attempting to drown a woman in a public fountain.

The 52-year-old, who has not been named, initially seemed to be relaxing in the water fountain with the woman at a park in Valencia, Spain, on Tuesday.

A passerby offered to take a picture of the pair, local media reported, but ran off with the man’s phone.

It has been suggested the man was furious about the theft and blamed the woman.

Video shows him seemingly holding her by the hair and pushing her head towards the water.

One person in the background is heard shouting: ‘He’s going to kill her.’

People are also heard pleading with and yelling at him to let her go.

Then suddenly a man in a red top jumps into the water, attempts to move the man’s hands away from the woman’s neck and then gets him into a stranglehold in an attempt to stop him from doing it.

Bystanders fight off man trying to drown woman in public fountain

But he still clings on to the woman’s hair – until a second rescuer also jumps into the water and starts punching him.

The woman, only in her underwear, is released and then staggers back towards the park.

Paramedics arrived shortly after and took the pair to hospital.

The alleged attacker was treated for a cut eyebrow and cheekbone, and the woman was treated for bruising after the struggle.

The man was later arrested by National Police on suspicion of attempted murder.