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Gran marries toyboy lover who she met when he was 15 - and they set up OnlyFans page

A newlywed couple with a 37-year age gap say they 'love each other unconditionally' and have launched an OnlyFans account off the back of their 'amazing' sex.

61-year-old Cheryl McGregor, a grandmother of 17, and 24-year-old Quran McCain from Georgia, US, also streamed their September 3 wedding on TikTok.

When they first met back in 2012 Quran was just 15, working at a fast food restaurant run by Cheryl's son Chris. They did not become romantically involved until last year when Quran was 23.

Despite receiving lots of negative comments online about their age gap the couple still post to social media, keeping their fans up to date with their lives.

Quran said: "We were live on TikTok for the wedding.

"My best friends were there and we went to Bones BBQ Joint after and got a very good meal.

"We then went back to our hotel and made love for two hours."

Having fallen out of contact after their first meeting, caretaker Quran spotted his soon-to-be wife working as a cashier in November 2020.

They bonded when he consoled her over nasty comments she'd received on TikTok, and the couple soon started uploading videos on there together.

Quran continued: "I have never felt the way I feel for anyone like I do Cheryl.

"When I was 23 we connected on a more spiritual level, which allowed us to get to know each other and bond and that was where our love really got strong."

They officially became a couple last April, with Quran popping the big question just three months later at an Olive Garden restaurant. The ring he picked out for Cheryl cost $3,000 (£2,200).

"I was extremely nervous before and I tried my best to keep my composure but I was crying as soon as we entered the parking lot," he said.

"She's beautiful, elegant, strong, noble, honest and compassionate.

"Cheryl was shocked as she didn't know I was going to propose but it made her feel special."

"We both love each other unconditionally."

They are both now growing online personalities having launched a new OnlyFans account, documenting parts of the sex life that they both describe as "amazing".

Only three of Cheryl's seven kids, one of whom is younger than her husband, approve of the marriage. Quran's family have been supportive.

Quran added: "My grandma loves hearing about all the things we do because my grandma is six years older and it gives her hope that she can find love also.

"I started my TikTok because Cheryl was being bullied and I felt it may stop or lessen the pain of the bullies.

My view: So who paid for the ring?, I hope none of them complain in two years time that they've been used.


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