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Girl, 6, and 9-year-old boy shot as they got off bus as police release video of suspects

Two children were shot and injured during a confrontation between two men as they had just got off a bus on Wednesday, January 11.

Police officers arrived at the scene in northwest Washington D.C., US, to find a girl, aged six, and a boy, aged nine as well as a man suffering gunshot wounds.

According to the police investigation a group of men including the gunshot victim, who was identified as Stephen Perdomo, 32, got on the bus at the nearby station.

Perdomo, who was armed with a knife, attacked and stabbed an unknown man.

As people scrambled off the bus and onto the street in the wake of the stabbing, an unknown suspect pulled out a gun and fired it multiple times. The bullets struck Perdomo as well as the two children, who had just disembarked from the bus.

All three victims of the shooting were taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

Perdomo was later placed under arrest for assault with a dangerous weapon.

The shooting suspect who hasn't been identified as of now, fled the scene and police are urging the public for information in order to find him. Authorities have released a video of the scene as well as surveillance photos showing two suspects considered to be involved in the incident, asking anyone with information to reach out and assist in the ongoing investigation.

Footage from the scene shows the confrontation spilling outside of the bus and two men attacking another person. The sound of three gunshots can then be heard, followed by screams.

Columbia District Mayor, Muriel Bowser commented on the tragic shooting of the children.

She said: "All they were doing was riding the bus coming home from school, and an idiot with a gunshot it indiscriminately and shot two children." Advisory Neighbourhood Commissioner Kim Patterson commented on the incident highlighting a feeling of uncertainty.

The commissioner said: "A lot of our neighbours don’t want to ride public transportation. They don’t feel safe. They don’t feel safe with their children, walking throughout the neighbourhood. "We really want to see policemen back on their bicycles and walking."



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