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Footballer’s heartbreaking final text messages as he was abducted by Russians

Alexander Sukhenko was a gifted footballer who had come to his village’s aid after the Russian invasion of Ukraine (Picture: FC Kudrivka/Facebook/@Kudrivka)

The sister of a Ukrainian footballer killed along with their parents has revealed his final text messages before their bodies were found.

Alexander Sukhenko was seized by Russian troops who descended on their home in the village of Motyzhyn, 31 miles to the west of Kyiv.

The 25-year-old had joined his mother, Olga, the village head, and father, Igor, in supporting residents during the occupation.

His sister, Elena, paid tribute to the ‘treasure of the nation’, who had tried to allay her fears when the soldiers went to their parents’ home on March 23.

He had enrolled in the territorial defence and remained in Motyzhyn to help people living with bombardment, gunfire and shortages of essential supplies. The Liverpool fan, known as Sasha, transported aid to remote areas and collected orders for medicine which he passed to other volunteers.

The last texts he sent to his sister read, ‘they took mum’, before a final message assuring her: ‘Lena, we are fine, the phone will be turned off.’

The family had rallied behind humanitarian work from the outset of the invasion, remaining with their fellow residents as Russian forces attempted to advance on Kyiv from the north and west.

On February 27, the occupying troops took control of the village and are first said to have taken Alexander’s car before returning for his parents.

Elena pleaded with her brother to leave but he remained at their home, telling her he was waiting for the couple to return.

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