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Family flee in their pyjamas as lorry is deliberately driven into their home after ‘domestic row'

A Stobart lorry driver deliberately drove his huge HGV into a family's home Iin the middle of the night 'after a domestic row escalated'.

The HGV ploughed into the property in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, shortly before midnight on Monday.

Youngsters were seen in the street wearing only their pyjamas after the incident at 11.25pm and neighbours said the occupants escaped the carnage by climbing through windows to the rear of the property.

The front of the house was badly damaged with walls knocked out and windows smashed.

Extensive damage to the interior could also be seen from the street.

An Eddie Stobart lorry was later found abandoned in a nearby supermarket car park and cordoned off by police.

The rear of the vehicle suffered extensive damage and bricks could be seen still lying on the roof of the truck's trailer.

Witnesses revealed the lorry was seen driving around the streets 'at speed' before smashing into the house.

Locals in nearby houses were evacuated as a precaution but no reports of injuries were made.

Police sealed off the area and a huge investigation was launched.

A source said the probe is now being led by a specialist team of detectives.

One witness said: 'We stay in the street behind it and there was this almighty bang about half past 11.

'I went for a walk to see what was happening and couldn't believe what I was seeing.

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