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Dubai playboy Danyal Sajid, 21, flogging fake £75 COVID-19 negative test certificates

A playboy scammer is putting lives at risk by selling fake negative coronavirus certificates so Britons can travel abroad.

Danyal Sajid, 21, told undercover reporters he had already sold up to 50 of the documents, which are required for entry by many countries.

But as well as selling them individually, the bank worker runs the illegal business as a franchise and trades the fake certificate template to others for £500.

It means hundreds of Britons may have boarded flights with bogus negative results while positive with Covid.

Sajid boasted of blowing the proceeds on luxury cars and a prostitute in Dubai, where he travelled from Britain last week using one of his phoney documents.

In just a few days he hired a Range Rover, Mercedes G-Wagon, Mercedes GTC, Mercedes GTS and Mercedes S63.

He said he was hoping to rent a Lamborghini before returning home this week.

Other online footage showed him posing at a rooftop nightclub in the glamorous Five Palm Jumeirah hotel.

He bragged about spending £500 in a night at the venue and also described picking up a Spanish prostitute, who he said looked like an 'Instagram model' and who he paid £300 for the night. In person, he said he did not know how much he had made from the scam, explaining: 'I've just been spending it in Dubai bro.'

Sajid, who expects a surge in business as tourist travel becomes possible again, was unconcerned when told by undercover reporters that one of those buying the fake certificates had tested positive for Covid.The scammer, who openly advertises on social media, said the loophole was easy to exploit because it is almost impossible for airlines and border staff to check if documents are genuine.

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My view: Vile human being selling deadly fake certificates, Dubai authorities are very strict they should lock him up immediately.


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