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Doctor, 26, found dead in hospital bathroom after seeing her last patient of day

A doctor was found dead on the floor of a hospital bathroom just two hours after seeing her last patient of the day.

Dr Jayda Bento, 26, was discovered at the Ernestina Lopes Jaime State Hospital (HEELJ) in Pirenópolis, Goiás State, Brazil.

As part of an ongoing investigation, police have interviewed her colleagues to establish what led to the young woman's death and if she was the victim of foul play.

“There was a nursing technician and a doctor who started looking for Jayda, but they couldn't find her," said police chief Tibério Martins.

"They went to her car, her office, until they reached a room in the semi-intensive ICU area.

“They saw the locked door and heard the noise of a tap running.

"They tried to open the door, called out, but she didn't answer and so they decided to break in.”

Tibério also said a caretaker arrived at the bathroom with tools to open the locked door, adding: “They found Jayda already dead with signs of cyanosis (bluish lips and skin).

"They checked her pulse and confirmed that she was dead.”

The incident took place on June 25, with the Dr Bento seeing her last patient at 12.40pm and her body discovered around 3pm.

In the four months since, police have now ruled out suicide and currently believe Dr Bento died of accidental drug use.

The Civil Police of Goiás (PCGO) stated that, according to a report by the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML), the victim died as a result of acute respiratory failure caused by the use of medication.

Her body was next to a syringe and a sedative used to treat insomnia.

A medication for a mental disorder was also found in her system.



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