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Deputy head Julie Morris who GIGGLED as she & boyfriend raped girl under 13 & filmed it jailed 13yrs

A deputy headteacher and her "monster" boyfriend filmed themselves raping a young girl.

Julie Morris and David Morris carried out child sex abuse described by a top judge as "depraved".

The couple - who were not married but have the same surname - exchanged vile texts about their sick acts on WhatsApp and videos showed Julie Morris "giggling".

In one conversation, David Morris told his partner "you have created a monster, baby" and she replied: "It's all us baby. Xxx"

Julie Morris, 44, from Hindley, worked at St George's Central Primary School in Tyldesley, Wigan, but the offences she committed were not related to her job.

However, Liverpool Crown Court heard she sent non-indecent photos of pupils to her mechanic boyfriend "to feed" his depravity.

The teacher and David Morris, 52, from Eccleston, St Helens, met on the Plenty of Fish dating app in July 2016, after separating from former partners.

The court heard texts over WhatsApp showed their relationship "quickly became intensely sexual".

John Wyn Williams, prosecuting, said: "The communication between them became graphic and depraved which led to some of their sexual fantasies becoming a reality.

Julie Morris (left) and David Morris (right) admitted a string of child sex offences

"The sexual abuse and rapes were recorded on devices and their exchanges about their sexual interest spanned some three, three and a half years.

"A painstaking analysis by the police, of those chat logs, between the parties, running to some 175,000 pages, reveals the sexual interest that David Morris had in young children.

"The chat logs also reveal how Julie Morris fed that interest."

Mr Wyn Williams said Julie Morris sent David Morris photos of children at her school "for his sexual gratification".

He said: "None of those images sent by her of the schoolchildren were indecent and because of the encrypted nature of the WhatsApp platform, no one had any idea at the school of what she was doing."

Described by her headteacher as an "introvert", Julie Morris had been deputy head since 2011 and was the school's "safeguarding lead".

The prosecutor said: "No one could have known the depraved secret that she hid from those she worked with and shared only with the defendant David Morris."

He said the couple's "sordid secret" was revealed when police raided David Morris' home in September, after discovering sick chats and indecent images he traded with another paedophile on that man's phone in January.

Officers found child sex abuse photos on David Morris' devices but also the rape videos and evidence of Julie Morris "sending him photographs of other children to feed his predilection to sexually abusing young children".

Detectives were able to identify the girl the couple abused and video interviewed her, when she disclosed some, but not all of the abuse.

However, the videos and disturbing chats between the pair showed the horrifying true picture.

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In one message, Julie Morris told David Morris: "I love fantasies baby as long as they're always us together as the main focus. Guests may come and go but without you the appeal isn't there."

David Morris replied: "You have created a monster, baby. But you created it so without you it's nothing and I have no interest xx."

Julie Morris text back: "It's all us baby. Xxx"

Mr Wyn Williams said during some videos Julie Morris was seen "giggling".

They later joked about the rapes, David Morris stating "we ruin our conquests together xxx" and Julie Morris replying "haha".

When examined, David Morris' devices also revealed "upskirting" images, including one filmed up a woman's skirt at an amusement park.

On September 2, he told a friend he was concerned about what officers would find on his phone and they rang police.

Mr Wyn Williams said the next day the couple were arrested "on their way to the Lake District in their camper van with £10,000 in their possession", seemingly in an attempt to "evade" arrest.

When interviewed, Julie Morris admitted her involvement in the abuse but claimed David Morris instigated it and she did it "out of fear that he would distribute naked images that he had of her" and felt he had "a hold" over her.

Mr Wyn Williams said while "no doubt acting under his influence", the evidence showed "she was a willing party" and "in fact she was equally to blame".

David Morris, who like his partner had no previous convictions, confessed in full.

Julie Morris, of Ancroft Drive, Hindley, today admitted 18 sexual offences, including two counts of jointly raping a child under the age of 13, causing or inciting a child under the age of 13 to engage in sexual activity, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, and taking and possessing indecent photos of a child.

David Morris, of Sandfield Road, Ecclestone, previously admitted 34 sexual offences, including seven counts of raping a child under the age of 13, causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity, and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

He also admitted taking, possessing and distributing indecent photos of a child, engaging in sexual communications with a child, voyeurism and possessing extreme pornography.

Paul Becker, defending Julie Morris, said her early guilty plea spared her victim enduring a trial.

He said she had been "held in a high regard" at work but as a result of this she "has lost everything in life".

Mr Becker said she was "thoroughly ashamed" of her actions and the harm she caused her victim.

Charles Lander, defending David Morris, said his family spelt out the "abhorrence felt by them" over his actions in references, but their "shame and disgust" was nothing compared to the victim's suffering.

He said his client showed his "sincere" remorse by confessing immediately to police and sparing the girl the trauma of a trial, and was determined to take courses to address his offending in prison.

Mr Lander said the tyre fitter didn't accept he'd in any way coerced or threatened Julie Morris.

Judge Andrew Menary, QC, said both paedophiles were "dangerous" offenders, as defined in law.

He said: "As a crown court judge I see many cases involving the dreadful abuse of children but every now and again we see cases the circumstances of which are almost beyond belief.

"This is one of those cases. Sadly it demonstrates that human depravity really knows no depths."

Judge Menary said Julie Morris had helped feed David Morris' "insatiable appetite for sexual activity involving young children".

He said: "In each other you found some sort of soulmate... with a shared interest in or willingness to engage in the most serious depraved and corrupting sexual abuse in relation to children."

The judge jailed Julie Morris for 13 years and four months with an extended four years on licence.

Judge Menary jailed David Morris for 16 years with an extended four years on licence.

This type of sentence means they must each serve at least two thirds of their custodial terms behind bars.

They will only be released before the end of their sentences if the Parole Board no longer considers them to be a risk.

The judge ordered them both to sign on the Sex Offenders Register and to comply with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for life.

My view: This is sad, It shows that human depravity really knows no depths.


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