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Demi Rose says she created OnlyFans account to 'uplift' fans through adult content site

Demi Rose Mawby has opened up about her decision to start an OnlyFans account.

The 26-year-old Wolverhampton-born beauty shared that she wanted to join the site in a bid to "uplift" her fans - and has lifted the lid on how she coped with both parents dying in In 2019.

Speaking to BBC's Newsbeat, Demi, who boasts 16.8m Instagram followers, divulged: "I never expected this [fame] when I was younger, but it's something that I've had to learn to live with.

"I always wanted to get into modelling and when I eventually got there I classed it as a blessing because I grew up being bullied and didn't have many friends at all.

"I use [my platform] to uplift people because after what I've been through, I want people to have a more positive outlook on death and not see it as a bad thing," she added.

Demi Rose is one of the UK’s leading influencer personalities who began her career at just 18.

On her social media she has including notes she's written to her parents after their death admitting going into lockdown shortly after their deaths was tough.

"I wanted to go and travel but I had three months in London, which was a lot of facing what I had been through and was a time of reflection."

Demi has gone on to secure outstanding campaigns, international press attention and brand collaborations, and was recently announced as PrettyLittleThing’s global ambassador.

The brunette bombshell has been modelling for eight years and has racked up over 16.8million Instagram followers.

Sharing bikini and lingerie photos to her masses of followers each day, they are often greeted with a flurry of comments from fans, usually raking in over 600,000 likes each time she posts.

She now thinks joining Only Fans will give her fans a lift - much like she needed cheering up after her parents' death.

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My view: Oh well if you have killer curves like Demi Rose, then OnlyFans the easiest social media website to make serious money, just by posting sexy pictures/videos. I don't know about uplifting her fans, it's all about the money.