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Demi Rose goes completely naked to go skinny dipping on holiday

Demi Rose shore looked good as she appeared totally naked while skinny dipping.

The sultry star was seen swimming in the buff in her latest Instagram Stories post.

Demi is on holiday at a luxury beach resort in Greece and took to her hotel pool last night.

She made a splash as she gracefully dived naked into the water.

The 27-year-old star later took some time out to answer questions from fans.

One person said: "Growing up was it hard to be Demi Rose?"

The model replied: "Growing up it was very hard getting bullied in school, having parental abuse, and then at the age of 17 becoming a full-time carer for my mother who had a heart attack, which caused a stroke and she became disabled, wheelchair bound.

"She was disabled for seven years and then both of my parents then passed away four years ago.

"I get misjudged a lot but honestly those who meet me say I’m the nicest and that warms my heart.

"I’m grateful for all the bad because it made me who I am I now have so much empathy for going through what I have."

Demi, who has 20m followers on Instagram, recently told how she binged on vodka after classmates put chewing gum in her hair.

She told the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast: "I got bullied by everyone. Boys, girls, and so I wasn’t really able to learn.

"Everyone just used to like to pick on me, put chewing gum in my hair, like, just to wind me up for their own entertainment.”

Demi, from Birmingham, says she was “diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, which means you’re tired all the time” - and started skipping school to stay at home while taking antidepressants.

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