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Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez says she had 3 miscarriages before death of baby

Georgina Rodriguez will reveal that she suffered three miscarriages before the devastating loss of her baby boy last year in her new Netflix show.

The girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo is starring in a new Netflix series about her life after the first series premiered last year.

The girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo stars in a new Netflix series about her lifeGeorgina, a 29-year-old influencer, is seen breaking down in tears in a trailer Netflix released last week as she relived the heartbreak moment she lost one of her twins during childbirth.

She will make the shock admission in the first episode of the new series of I Am Georgina, according to Spanish news website El Espanol.

Her daughter Bella Esmeralda with Cristiano Ronaldo was born healthy in April last year at a hospital in Manchester but her male twin sibling Angel died.

Georgina revealed in the first episode of the second series, which premieres on March 24: "Every time I went to the gynaecologist’s at night I had nightmares because I was worried about what position they would be in, what the delivery would be like, if it would be a caesarean section. "I was very afraid at each ultrasound, I felt very tense because I’d had three previous miscarriages and I came home in pieces."

She described her visits to the gynaecologist as "horrible, because I was always vomiting".

The Argentinian-born Spaniard is also set to reveal she didn’t immediately tell her other children Angel had not survived and told them he would be born a little later than his sister, according to El Español.

She said: "They were born on Easter Monday. The most-awaited moment arrives and your heart stops. "Bella was born strong and healthy but a piece of my heart shattered.

"You ask yourself how you’re going to carry on. I wasn’t prepared to accept or recognise what had happened to me and I wasn’t ready to tell my children about it.

"As I still had a belly, I told them that Angel was still going to wait a bit to be born.

"Until Cris told them that Angel was in Heaven. That was a dose of reality."

Between leaving hospital Georgina’s sister Ivana helped by removing the cot, Moses cradle and teddy bear the influencer had prepared for Angel at the Cheshire home she shared with Cristiano before the couple’s move to Saudi Arabia. Admitting she has yet to come to terms with her loss, Georgina will admit: "I will never be the same person again.

"Every time I look at Bella I ask myself, ‘Would Angel be like that?

"The truth is I feel I am not ready to think about it, as if I still haven’t accepted it.

"I always say to my children, 'Your little brother is in the sky, he doesn’t want to walk, he wants to fly. Every time you look at the sky, think of him.'"

Thanking her footballer partner for his "unconditional support and love" Georgina adds in the first episode: "He has played a really important role. "Gods put the right people in your path."

She said of her surviving twin daughter, one of two children she has with Cristiano: "She has managed to fill to some extent that hole that is present in my life.

"When she’s older and we tell her what happened, she will be very proud of what she has achieved."

Georgina cries in the official trailer released last week, which didn’t contain any of the latest admissions revealed by the Spanish press, as she recalls last April’s trauma.

She admits, as an adorable photo flashes up on the screen of her lying in bed in hospital with Bella Esmeralda on her chest: "Life is hard, life goes on. "I have reasons to move on and be strong."

Praising her footballer partner for helping her get through the darkest period in their life together, she adds: "Cris really encouraged me to continue with my agenda. He said: 'Gio, get on with your life, it’ll do you good.'"

She went on: "My priority right now is my family and my children. I’m so happy and thankful."

The trailer also shows moments from Georgina’s 28th birthday that will feature in the show, such as when Cristiano spent thousands of pounds on a light and laser show projected on Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa tower.

Georgina admits: "It’s really hard to surprise me" as the light and laser show is played out before admitting: "Cristiano is very thoughtful, really good to me. Cristiano’s the love of my life." In another part of the show, she meets Spanish singer and songwriter Rosalia, who admits she was a fan of the first series of 'I Am Georgina' released on the influencer’s 28th birthday in January last year after hugging her and saying: "I watch your show. I love it."

Georgina is also filmed getting a tattoo done which is thought to be the inking from last August in memory of the child she lost. She also confesses: "I feel like a super mum, and superwoman" before adding alongside footage of her dancing romantically with Cristiano: "I’m a mother, I’m a sister, I’m a friend, I’m a woman, I’m Georgina." The first series of Georgina’s popular Netflix show premiered in 190 countries around the world last year.



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