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Captain Tom’s daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore admits pocketing £800k after her dad’s death

His daughter made a confession to TalkTV and spoke to journalist Piers Morgan

Captain Tom’s family yesterday confessed to taking money from the NHS fund-raising veteran – from the sale of his books.

His daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore said they kept £800,000 from three books he had written.

She told TalkTV’s Piers Morgan that Sir Tom wanted them to keep the book profits.

She said: ‘These were my father’s books, and it was honestly such a joy for him to write them, but they were his books.

‘He had an agent and they worked on that deal, and his wishes were that that money would sit in Club Nook, and in the end . . . ’

Mr Morgan then interjected ‘For you to keep?’, and she replied ‘Yes.’

Last month it was revealed she also received £70,000 in salary and expenses claims according to the charity’s latest

It was also found a watchdog’s intervention into the Captain Tom Foundation had a ‘massive adverse impact’ on fundraising.

The accounts reveal that for the nine months from August 2021 to April 2022, Sir Tom’s daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, received a gross salary of £63,750 in her role as interim chief executive officer.

The Charity Commission had consented to an annual salary of £85,000.

On top of this, she received £7,602 in expense payments for travel and administration between June 2021 and November 2022.

Payments were also made of just over £24,000 for office rental and telephone costs to Maytrix Group Limited, a company controlled by Ms Ingram-Moore and her husband Colin.

The company spent nearly £180,000 on staffing costs during the period, including wages, social security costs and pensions. It employed on average two people through the period.

Concerns were raised about the charity’s management and independence from Sir Tom’s family last June and so the Charity Commission launched an inquiry.

Credit: metro


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