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British tourist, 22, 'decapitated' by propeller of helicopter while 'taking selfie'

Jack Fenton died after being hit by the chopper's rotor

A 22-year-old British man has reportedly been 'decapitated' by the rotor tail of a helicopter he was getting off in Greece while 'taking a 'selfie'.

Jack Fenton had been returning to the mainland from Mykonos when he was hit by the aircraft's propellor. According to Greek media, Mr Fenton was using his mobile phone at the time of the incident when he walked behind the helicopter's rotor blades which were still engaged, killing him instantly. Greek station Open TV reports that Mr Fenton 'was on a call or was trying to take a selfie when the accident happened.'

The tragic episode happened yesterday afternoon (July 25) at 6:20pm and involved a Bell 407 chopper according to local Greek media.

It's been reported that investigators are tracking the incident and that the pilot may face manslaughter charges if they are found to have allowed passengers out before the rotor blades stopped.

The incident is believed to have happened in full view of the other tourists in the helicopter, however, it's understood Mr Fenton's parents who were part of the party were in a separate chopper.

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