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British man dies after being stabbed in the head while defending 20-year-old backpacker

Thomas Jackson (right) was fatally injured when he went to the aid of fellow Brit Mia Ayliff-Chung (left)(Picture: Facebook / Supplied)

A British backpacker died after being stabbed in the head during a ‘frenzied knife attack’ in an Australian hostel, an inquest heard.

Thomas Jackson, from Congleton, Cheshire was fatally injured when he went to the aid of fellow Brit Mia Ayliff-Chung after she was attacked at the hostel in Home Hill, Queensland, on August 23, 2016.

Mia, 20, was pronounced dead at the scene after being stabbed several times while Thomas, 30, died of his injuries in hospital six days later.

Now, six years on from the incident, an inquest into Thomas’ death held at Warrington Crown Court has heard both he and Mia were attacked by French backpacker Smail Ayad.

A Queensland coroner’s report stated that at the time of the incident Mr Ayad was ‘psychotic and under the influence of cannabis’, and as a result, criminal proceedings were discontinued.

Thomas’ medical cause of death was given as stab wounds to the brain.

The inquest heard that he sustained at least 12 separate injuries in the attack.

Assistant coroner Peter Sigee said it was ‘appropriate’ that the findings of the Queensland coroner’s report, dated June 30, 2020, should be the ‘only evidence to receive and consider'

Thomas died in hospital six days after the attack (Picture: PA)

Summing up the report, which he had ‘carefully considered’ in advance of the hearing, Mr Sigee said: ‘The various individuals involved in this incident were staying in the hostel whilst travelling on a working visa and undertaking paid work at a local farm.

‘Mr Smail Ayad carried out a frenzied knife attack upon Miss Mia Ayliff-Chung, inflicting severe injuries upon her.

‘Miss Ayliff-Chung was able to escape and to lock herself into a bathroom.

‘Mr Ayad then jumped from a first floor balcony as if trying to fly, landing on his back.

‘Mr Jackson went to Mr Ayad’s aid, not knowing what had occurred within the hostel.’

Criminal proceedings against Mr Ayad were dropped (Picture: Smail Ayad)

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