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British heiress, 22, was murdered for cash by debt-ridden boyfriend who claims she died in sex game

A British heiress was murdered for her cash by her debt-ridden bouncer boyfriend who claims she died during a sex game, a court heard yesterday.

Millionaire horse trainer’s daughter Anna Reed, 22, was found in a hotel room after lover Marc Schatzle, 32, called paramedics.

Anna Reed met Marc Schatzle in Thailand two months before her death

Anna is said to have threatened to dump him

A post-mortem revealed she had suffocated.

She had also suffered cuts and bruises in room 501 of the luxury La Palma Au Lac hotel in Muralto, Switzerland.

A trial in Lugano was told German-born Schatzle had run up debts of more than £40,000 through drink, drugs and designer gear.

He allegedly knew Anna, who was said to have threatened to dump him, had “more than £25,000 in her account”.

Her credit card was later found hidden behind a panel in the hotel lift.

Other guests told the court they had heard screaming and shouting coming from room 501.

One said: “I heard breaking glass and furniture being pushed noisily around the room.

“There was crying. A voice said, ‘You are killing me’ or ‘You are kidding me’.

“I wanted to go and say something but thought it was too dangerous.”

Anna had finished university and was taking a year out.

She met Schatzle in Thailand in February 2019 — two months before her death.

They travelled to Vietnam, Singapore and Dubai. Anna, who covered most of the costs, posted snaps on Facebook.

The court heard Anna spent around £3,000 a month — but that figure “jumped considerably” after she met Schatzle.

She was given money for the trip as a 21st birthday present by father Clive, who owns a stud farm worth more than £12million in Harrogate, North Yorks.

Schatzle, who has “Warrior” tattooed over his left eyebrow, told the court: “She liked sex clubs such as the Kit Kat in Berlin and drinking — she was British.”

He told police he had had 400 lovers, but in court said he had just had “several”.

Quizzed over his sex game claim, he said: “I put a towel around her neck and started kissing her. But she wanted more so I put my hand on the towel and pushed.”

He denies murder and the trial continues.

She was given money for the trip as a 21st birthday present