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Brit girl ‘raped’ by 16-year-old boy in Majorca hotel before mum walked in & stopped horror 'attack'

COPS have arrested a teenager after a Brit girl was allegedly raped in a Majorcan hotel.

The girl’s mum is said to have stopped the alleged sex attack after walking in on the pair at the unnamed hotel in a resort and raised the alarm by screaming to summon concerned staff.

A Brit boy, 16, has been arrested following the reported incident on Monday as the Civil Guard leads an investigation.

Island newspaper Ultima Hora said the girl had gone to her room with the teenage boy she had met the same day and kissed him before deciding she didn’t want to go any further.

It reported she had told detectives he had reacted by turning violent and pushed her on the bed before forcing himself on her.

She is believed to have checked into the hotel on the east coast of the holiday island Majorca with her family several days earlier.

The unnamed Brit arrested is said to be in police cells in the town of Manacor following his arrest and under normal circumstances will be quizzed by a youth court judge in the coming hours.

The Civil Guard could not be reached mid-morning today for an official comment.

The force is also investigating another alleged crime in the Majorcan town of Llucmajor in which a 22-year-old has been accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old so he could allegedly rape her.

The suspect, arrested on Sunday, has been accused of locking the youngster in a storeroom at the back of a shop.

He allegedly offered her money for sex after showing her a pornographic video before she managed to escape and raise the alarm.

The suspect is not thought to be British, although police have not yet confirmed his nationality.

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