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Beauty queen's hen party horror as bridegroom and two hens drown after bridge collapse

A beauty queen's hen party turned to disaster when the husband-to-be drowned on the way to the event along with two hens, according to reports.

Businessman Andrey Bukvetsky had been driving guests to his pre-wedding party when a bridge collapsed on route and his Lexus fell into the water in eastern Russia.

Chilling footage before the tragedy shows a group of people buying alcohol from a supermarket and drinking in the car, with the driver popping Champagne at the wheel.

The beauty queen and two other women miraculously escaped from the car through a smashed rear window.

But groom Bukvetsky was killed along with two female partygoers.

Reports say the groom and a woman named Svetlana were washed away by the current in the nightmare incident. The body of a third victim named Alina Pashkova was found in the car.

The new timber bridge collapsed under the weight of the car, say reports from Primorsky region in eastern Russia.

Model Darya Kornilova, 25, runner up in the Miss Primorye 2012 beauty contest, posted: "I'm alive. I managed to get out through the back window of the car.”

Model Darya Kornilova, one of the passengers, survived(Image: Social media)

Earlier, she had posted on social media how the group were preparing for a hen party, loading the Lexus with drinks.

She and the two other surviving women were “in a very bad state”, but had given evidence to police on the Arsenyevka River bridge collapse tragedy, she said.

Andrey Bukvetsky, driver, is believed to have died but his body has not yet been found (Image: Social media)

The driver “tried to reverse” on the collapsing bridge as he felt the wooden structure giving way beneath him.

“But he was too late,” said a local report.

The car doors were locked at the moment of the disaster but the rear window smashed as the bridge collapsed, allowing three of those inside the car to escape drowning.

Svetlana, another passenger, is believed to have been killed but her body has yet to be recovered(Image: Social media

Alina Pashkova, another passenger, died in the tragedy(Image: Social media)

Alina's body was found in the car(Image: Social media)

Model Darya escaped through a smashed window at the back of the car(Image: Social media)


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