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Banker mocked for splurging £3,500 on food and champagne in Marbella bar then moaning about the Tip

A banker who splurged £3500 on burgers and champagne had the tables turned on him when he moaned about the tip.

Enrique Moris was roundly mocked after complaining his group of eight paid a £317 service charge at a bar in Marbella on Spain’s Costa Del Sol.

“Marbella, the new Ibiza, fraudsters everywhere,” griped Moris in a tweet, accompanied by a photograph of the offending bill.

His eye watering bill included £24 burgers made from Japanese Wagyu beef washed down with an £850 bottle of Dom Perignon champagne, 13 pints and tequila shots.

Outraged Enrique - who's Twitter profile is a montage of Wall Street and a sports car - even said he was preparing to leave when an angry waiter ran over to ask if the party was going to leave the tip.

The financier’s morning after the night before rant soon attracted mockery and abuse.

“It is clear that having money is not synonymous with having class,” said one Twitter user.

Another wrote: “You’ve spent ten pensions on a … dinner of hamburgers.

“What do you want? Solidarity? The nouveau riche is always more stupid than people who’ve always been rich.”

Others made fun of Moris for pairing expensive champagne with burgers with one person tweeting: “The pairing of dom perignon with hamburgers I just didn't see it.”

Another added: “You have to be tacky to spend more than €3,000 in champagne to accompany some burgers. If you go big, do it with the whole menu.”

Others were more forceful in their condemnation.

“The waiter is not your slave, you have to leave a tip not for doing more but for good service and food. Get out of Spain.”

An automatic service charge is not standard in Spain and people often leave a discretionary tip of less than 5 per cent.

Moris later claimed he had posted the bill in a bid to whip up a social media frenzy after reading on a book on marketing which advised him to “start a fight”.

“People are talking more than they should about a meal,” he moaned.

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