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24-year-old Woman taunted for being school 'tomboy' turns model who sells nudes to old bullies

(Image: Jam Press/@kittyklovers)

A model who was bullied for being a tomboy at school has had the last laugh by becoming a successful model.

Morgan Edwards, from Indiana, US, was picked on by classmates from the age of 12.

She said: “I wasn’t like the other girls, I had a deeper voice, was a tomboy, obsessed with cats and Pokémon and had a stockier build.

“The boys bullied me based on looks, while the girls bullied me based on my very small selection of clothes that I did have."

The 24-year-old claims teachers didn't support her through the abuse, which had devastating impacts on her mental health.

She recalled: “That’s the thing about bullying, we sometimes think it’s just harmless name-calling and people being ‘funny’, until it tears away at your self-esteem and worth."

Morgan added: “I tried to just laugh it off as a joke but it really hurt me inside and made me suicidal.

“The sad thing about it is at school, the teachers allowed the bullying.

“I was bullied in the teachers’ plain sight and they turned a blind eye.

“They knew I was for sure being bullied when I told them about it after it had been going on for a long time...

“The only time they were 'punished' was when it got so severe I refused to go to school and locked myself in my bathroom at home and finally told my mom what was happening.

“The principal had a talk with the class is all I know.”

The bullying made Morgan lack confidence when she was at school – but she's flourishing nowadays.

On her Instagram account @kittyklovers, she boasts more than 187,000 followers.

She's also got a huge fanbase on OnlyFans, where she posts sexy snaps for paying subscribers.

Now she's successful, Morgan's bullies have apologised to her.

And amusingly, some have even signed up to her OnlyFans page!

Morgan said: “I had a handful of guys who made fun of me in school subscribe.

"They also paid for content.

“The funny thing is when someone you went to school with subscribes, they’re so quick to tell you it’s them!

“Most of the female bullies have actually apologised to me and ironically asked me about making an OnlyFans.

“I forgive them. They were dumb kids, they didn’t know the damage they were really causing."

Morgan went from bullied tomboy to successful OnlyFans star (Image: Jam Press/@kittyklovers)

Morgan was bullied from the age of 8(Image: Jam Press/@kittyklovers)

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