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24-year-old Man admits stealing £42,000 worth of watches from the King’s godson

Matthew Turner appeared at court on Friday (Picture: Cavendish Press)

A painter and decorator has admitted to stealing three watches from the godson of King Charles III.

Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, lost three watches worth £42,000 in total after the workman sneaked into his bedroom and helped himself.

The Duke, who himself is godfather to Prince George, only realised his £30,000 Cartier London Tank JC wristwatch, a £6,000 Panerai Luminor Marina watch and a £6,000 Breitling watch were missing when he was looking for the Cartier to wear.

Decorators had been hired to redecorate some of the rooms at his home, Eaton Hall in Cheshire, last August – but the Duke’s bedroom was not one of the rooms needing refurbishment.

The details of the theft only came to light on Friday after two men were arrested and charged in connection with the burglary.

Matthew Turner, 24, of Great Sutton, near Ellesmere Port pleaded guilty to burglary between August 7 and August 31, 2022 when he appeared at Cheshire magistrates court earlier this week.

He also admitted an unrelated sneak theft of £60 from a tyre shop and will be sentenced later at Chester Crown Court.

Nathan Elliot, 30, of Whitby, Ellesmere Port was charged with the handling the stolen Cartier but pleaded not guilty and will face trial.

Prosecutor Scott Woodward said: ‘The Crown say this is not suitable to be dealt with in this court. The charge is a domestic burglary. The value of goods from the burglary is £42,000, a significant amount.

‘Taking that value, the starting point is one year in custody. The sentencing guidelines are clearly in excess of this court so I invite you to send it to the crown court.’

Turner’s lawyer Steven Alis, said: ‘The category of harm here related to the value of items and I agree the starting point is 12 months. But I am not saying that is what he is going to get.’

Turner was bailed for the preparation of background reports. He is expected to be sentenced following Elliott’s trial. 

Credit: metro

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