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Daycare worker, 24, is fired after video surveillance footage shows her breaking up a fight then hit

A daycare worker in South Carolina has been arrested after surveillance footage appeared to show her breaking up a scuffle by hitting a five-year-old boy and throwing him to the ground twice.

Tiana McElveen, 24, was charged with unlawful conduct towards a child and arrested last Thursday over her behavior at Care-A-Lot Daycare Center in Sumter County, according to court records.

Video taken August 14 shows two young children fighting over a toy inside the daycare center as a woman, identified as McElveen, stands in the corner of the room watching.

The two boys become increasingly physical with each other, prompting McElveen and a second employee to approach the children.

McElveen appears to strike one child in the face before grabbing him by the arm and throwing him onto the ground.

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She then picks up the same child, this time by the wrists, and roughly drops him on to the ground again.

McElveen leaves the victim on the ground and pulls the other child away.

The second employee, who did not physically intervene throughout the incident, helps the thrown child up.

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My view: I don't get this at all, the daycare centre is called Care-A-Lot and this woman just didn't care.

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