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Moment anti-mask activists storm London supermarket demanding shoppers resist 'new world order&#

A mob of anti-mask protesters stunned grocery shoppers after storming a supermarket yelling 'You guys need to resist'.

Members of group StandUp X walked into the Morrison's store in Peckham, south London, to lecture people on wearing face coverings during the pandemic.

As shoppers harmlessly filling up their baskets looked on, the protesters walked through shouting that people should not submit to coronavirus rules.

And they told people buying food: 'Your masks are so bad for you.'

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One shouted: 'You are conditioned to believe everything the government tells you.

'Never ask questions. You never ask questions, just wear a mask.

'You know this agenda is the new world order agenda. They are conditioning you for the new world order guys. You guys need to resist.

'Resist the new world order guys. How many people die from the flu every year?

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