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Check out Moment Brazilian TV host's wife walks across shot naked during interview

Working from home has thrown up plenty of challenges as people across the world are forced to swap their offices for the kitchen table.

The situation has left one journalist red-faced after his live-stream chat with a politician was interrupted when viewers couldn't help but notice his naked wife failing to sneak past in the background.

As the two are deep in conversation, Fabio's wife Nataly scurries across the room with nothing but a towel wrapped around her head having come from the shower.

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She seems to have noticed her husband is taking part in a video call and crouches down in a bid to avoid detection - but fails miserably.

Guest Guilherme couldn't contain his laughter as he spotted her making the desperate dash and the pair break away from the politics chat as he says: "Somebody's walking past naked."

In an hilarious exchange, Fabio turns to break the news to his other half that "everybody saw you" and she quickly questions: "Could you see!?"

Fabio replies: "Obviously they can see, totally, even Boulos saw," as Guilherme bursts into laughter on the video chat, as reported by the Daily Star.

It's not the first time a presenter has accidentally caught an embarrassing blunder on camera while attempting to work from home during lockdown.

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