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Spitting Karen spits on gas station worker after he asks her to wear a mask

A woman was caught on camera at a gas station spitting at a worker who was serving behind the counter.

The interaction which is thought to have occurred in Colorado happened after the female customer was asked to wear a mask.

Incensed at being asked to don such an item, she responded by lashing out and spat onto the countertop.

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The worker managed to keep calm and refused to service the lady and asked the customer behind her, who was filming the entire episode, to move to another cash register.

'This is ridiculous! There's no law that says I have to wear a face mask,' the woman shouts.

'Actually there is!' the cashier responds to her comment as she proceeds to walk out of the shop.

Twitter user Jillcattt wrote: 'I've been hearing about 'Karen' but hadn't been around one. I encountered one in the wild tonight and it blew my mind. She spit on an essential worker bc he enforced the rule of wear a mask. I wanted to cry.'

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