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Priti Patel condemns 'sickening, shocking, disgraceful' attack on policeman who was kicked a

An attack on a police officer as he tried to tackle a suspect, which saw him punched and kicked as laughing passersby posed for selfies without coming to his aid, was described as 'sickening' by the Home Secretary last night.

Priti Patel led the condemnation of the scenes, which unfolded yesterday on a London street and were filmed from a nearby car, after they were posted online.

They show a uniformed PC tackling a man to the ground in Hackney, northeast London, before other men aim punches and kicks at the officer and a man appears brandishing a baseball bat.

As a crowd gathers, rather than coming to the PC's aid, people instead pose for mobile phone selfies with the officer grappling in the background and jostle with his female colleague.

The suspect the policeman was tackling had been pointed out to police by members of the public following reports of an assault, the Met said last night.

A spokesman said: 'We recognise and understand the anger felt by the black community and are fully committed to playing our part in ending racism, discrimination and inequality', adding: 'There are no plans to change the name of the hospital'.

Today Boris Johnson's Business and Industry Minister Nadhim Zahawi, who was born in Iraq and moved to the UK with his Kurdish parents aged nine, said there should be no statues of slave traders in Britain.

Mr Zahawi said they should not be torn down illegally like Edward Colston's in Bristol, but said: 'Any slave trader should not have a statue. But I wouldn't be breaking the law to take statues down, it should be done through our democratic process. It should be up to local people to decide what they want to do. If the majority of people decide that we want the statues down, then they should be taken down'.

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My view: Disgusting thugs, they should face the full force of the law and why is everyone filming on phones and no one is helping? what kind of sick society have we become.?

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