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How council bosses could take drastic actions to keep social distancing when shops reopen in two wee

Cars may be banished from town centres under plans to reopen high streets.

Town halls have been ordered to overhaul busy shopping areas before retailers resume trading in a fortnight.

Suggestions include 'queue zones' outside stores with spray markings and temporary barriers. The guidance from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government also recommends that pavements be widened 'to accommodate distancing between pedestrians'.

Councils are even encouraged to think about either limiting the number cars driving down high streets or getting rid of them altogether.

'Traffic lanes could be closed, made one or completely pedestrianised,' it says. Other suggestions include putting barriers in the road to widen pavements or removing parking bays.

Signs reminding shoppers to follow social distancing rules by staying two metres apart will be added to lamp posts, and also spray painted on to pavements using stencils.

From today open-air markets and car showrooms in England will be allowed to resume trading.

Then, on June 15, non-essential stores can join them, including clothes shops. Traders selling toys, books and electronics will also be able to reopen along with tailors, auction houses, photography studios and indoor markets.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has urged town halls to urge them to take 'radical' action to make it easier to cycle and walk around towns and cities.

He said the Government 'expects local authorities to make significant changes to their road layouts', adding: 'In the new world pedestrians will need more space.'

Coronavirus legislation has sped up the process of making emergency traffic orders that are needed to widen pavements or create cycle lanes.

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My view: This plan will not encourage people to go out and shop as shoppers would have to queue for long, this will lead to the end of shopping on the High street. It would spell the end for some stores, It will definitely put some businesses out of business.

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